Monday, March 17, 2014

Last Week's Links

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Today is also my sister's birthday
If all goes according to plan I'll be out of town this week. Check in on instagram (@kirstenkrason) to see where we end up ;) 

I'll still be blogging though! Here are some of my favorite links from last week. 

1 || There is something I just adore about this room.
2 || This beautiful cake looks perfect for Spring!
3 || I love a good look-for-less mood board!
4 || This baby shower is so sweet. 
5 || Oh how I love this maxi dress.

6 || Brittany is just astounding! I am amazed by these DIY stenciled curtains.
7 || You have to check out these sources for free art!
8 || This is such a cute peter-pan-inspired mood board.
9 || A beautiful chair for a fabulous deal.
10 || Every one needs this pouf!


  1. I just love Brittany's curtains! They are perfection :)

  2. I agree Brittany's curtains are amazing. Well she can do no wrong, that's for sure ;)


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