Monday, December 9, 2013

Last Week's Links

I hope you all had a great week last week! I was busy finishing up Christmas cards, meeting with clients, hanging with friends and also spending lots of good holiday time with my little family. Did any of you watch the Sound of Music on thursday night? I thought it was pretty good. Good enough that I watched the entire 3 hours of it an almost teared up a few times... (a love a good musical).  Here are some of the other things I was loving last week:

1 || I seriously love all the pattern and color going on in this Living Room reveal
2 || This DIY garland puts me in the Christmas crafting mood! 
3 || I always enjoy a good burlap banner DIY. 
4 || This is my new desktop wallpaper. 
5 || Have you heard about Together Box? They deliver boxes to your door filled with fun activities for your family! 

6 || I love this guest room reveal.  The color palette is so pretty. 
7 || This little DIY snowglobe is so adorable. 
8 || This coat is so sweet and such a good deal! 
9 || Great transformation of an average amazon light fixture. 
10 || This playroom is amazing! I love all the pattern. 

TOP PHOTO: I Suwanee // BOTTOM PHOTO:  Simplified Bee



  1. I love Kristen's farmhouse light!

  2. Great links…love that felt garland! Looks like a great project to do while watching Christmas movies!

  3. Such prettiness in all of this! We too adore the colors in the guest room renewal!


  4. Wow!!! Cool the design and the decorating ideas is perfect for the house. I love the new style of your design. Living Room Decor Ideas

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  6. Nice list! I love the DIY Christmas garland and your desktop wallpaper!
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