Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Salt Lake Parade of Homes

I only had one day to spend viewing the Salt Lake Parade of Homes so I did the best I could with the limited time I had. 

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If you haven't bought your tickets yet you can purchase discount tickets online thanks to Daybreak Utah. Just go here and type 'daybreak' in the discount field to receive $2 off. 

One of my favorite home was built by Holmes Homes. The color palette throughout was very soothing and soft. 

I loved these chunky lamps. 

The living room and dining room flowed into each other with the fireplace in the middle of the room. 

Oh how I dream of having a fireplace in my home one day... 

You hardly ever see free standing tubs in model homes so I was pretty excited to see this bathroom! It was laid out really well for a small bathroom. 

Blue Pine Homes built this next home and the decorating was done by my good friend Caitlin Creer

I was swooning over this kitchen and that backsplash!  

I always look forward to Ivory Homes decor each year. I get so many great ideas from their spaces. 

Great fireplace tile detail. 

This settee was off to the side of the dining table which I thought was a nice touch. 

Fun idea to add taffy to the countertop to add color in the Kitchen. 

This master bedroom is a little masculine for my taste but it could be perfect for some people! Not everyone wants florals and soft colors in their bedroom. 

I love this framed paper as art in the Laundry room. 

This room is so fun for a girl. The coral ceiling and the striped curtains are perfect. 

This Ivory home is a rambler in a Senior Living Community. You can tell the design is a little more "mature" but still so beautiful.  

Oh how I dream of the day I can wallpaper an entire hallway like this and how cute is that umbrella holder in the hall! 

The next Ivory home was much more modern! 

I hardly ever decorate with any shade of purple and it's always neat to see how people use a color you aren't as comfortable with.  

A window bench under the t.v. is a neat use of space.  

I love the idea of using pressed flowers against black paper to create a gallery wall. 

This home designed by Candlelight Homes had some cool industrial elements in the kid's rooms. 

Which home or space was your favorite? 

*Please note I can't give you sources for these homes. If you want to know where something comes from try contacting the builder directly*


  1. Great pictures! If you get a chance home #4 is really great, and #9 is on 4 acres and is a total remodel. They are both fantastic!

  2. holy gorgeous houses!!!! thank you for sharing!

  3. Amazing! We did the Utah Valley Parade of homes but unfortunately probably won't make Salt Lake's this year :( It's so fun to get a little sneak peak! Do you happen to know who Ivory Homes used for their decor? I would love to know where the pillows on the couch came from!

  4. Such beautiful homes and great ideas! Thanks for letting us take a peek! :)

  5. My favorites overall room is the baby girl nursery in the first home. The peachy-pink and cream scheme is so sweet, and the decor choices are perfect. I also love the Braille-like headboard-up-the-wall in the boys room in the last home. Clever!

  6. Lots of great ideas to stock up on! I'm not usually a fan of lots of silk florals, but I thought they added a lot to the design of the second home with all of the coral, green, and blue.
    Great to be able to see since I live too far away to go this year! Thanks!

  7. Wow! Too much inspiration for one post! I can't get over that crib in the first nursery. Beautiful! There are too many great rooms, I don't have a favorite. :) I do love so many of the furniture pieces--great styles--clean and classic. Also the abstract art in the 3rd or 4th home (that messy chevron and the one below) are absolutely stunning!

  8. I always love a great parade of homes! Is it just me or is purple/lavender EVERYWHERE right now?!

  9. Thanks so much for posting these! I used to love walking thru model homes when we lived in NC. Parade time was always a favorite. Unfortunately that just doesn't exist here in Boston. A new house means buying a tear down (for $500k!!!) and then building a new house. I guess all the "development" happened back at the turn of the century! I think these things are so inspiring because they show you what kind of transformation you can accomplish with just decorating. These houses are usually just plain white boxes with not a ton of architectural detail to speak of but it's always amazing to see what paint, furniture, art and textiles can do to transform a space!

  10. Does anyone have any idea about that blue/white geometric fabric on the arm chairs and the small green pillow fabric in the Ivory Homes rambler (the more 'mature' design)? I love both. I tried contacting Ivory Homes but am still waiting to hear back.

  11. Hi Louisa,
    I was the designer for the Ivory Home you would like more information on. I apologize that no one has gotten back to you. The fabric you like is from a company called Brunschwig and Fils. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me via email at Thanks so much!!

  12. Kirsten - I just wanted to take a moment and tell you thanks for the many compliments!! I'm a senior designer with Ivory Homes and you have always been so complimentary to our model homes over the years!! It's so nice to hear that all of your hard work is appreciated, especially from someone that is as talented as you are!! Thanks again!!

  13. Thank you Kirsten. I added quite a few pins to my boards so I wouldn't forget some great ideas.

  14. the braille headboard is sideways... but cool.


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