Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Week's Links

I spent the majority of my week last week in Denmark visiting my friend Marissa! I had been there before but only for a day so I was excited to explore the city more.  My days were filled with seeing museums, taking bike tours, shopping and eating many many pastries. Although I kept pretty busy stuffing my face and seeing beautiful buildings I also spent a lot of time on Pinterest and blogs in the middle of the night due to severe jet lag! So I've rounded up some of my favorites from last week for you today. 

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1 || After visiting some beautiful churches and castles in Denmark I'm strangely drawn to this bathroom.
2 || I'm obsessed with this ceiling light.
3 || This is a great roundup of affordable art prints.
4 || This is a great way to remove an old shower door.
5 || I want to live here.
6 || I'm adding this bag to my wish list.

7 || Beautiful and simple stationary. I just love the kraft envelopes and the black and white tape.
8 || Have you asked yourself this question? Is your Social Media Profile the Girl You Want to Be
9 || This is such a great idea for decorating cakes or cookies. 

10 || So many great deals revealed on this post
11 || I'm pretty sure I would really really like this skirt

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  1. I love your many good treasures! So, was Denmark really the happiest place on earth? I swear I saw on Oprah once that it is the safest, happiest place. It always sounded dreamy!

  2. Thanks for the link, Kirsten! I want to live there too!

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  4. I'm actually heading to Copenhagen tomorrow!! Off to check your instagram pics!!

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