Friday, August 23, 2013

Feature Friday: Mini Manor Blog

Today I am featuring the home of Ashli from the blog the Mini Manor. Here is what she says she loves about her home,

"I feel like I should state the obvious like the people I share it with . . . including our new baby boy Hudson we adopted 2 months ago.

But on a totally superficial level what I love most about my home is how our laundry room is on our main floor (in our mudroom) because it makes laundry so easy. I can hear the buzz when it's done and I can get the one load out and the other load in, while waiting for the pasta to boil. ;)." 


l i v i n g   r o o m

o f f i c e

k i t c h e n 

m a s t e r   b e d r o o m

l a u n d r y   r o o m

g i r l s '   r o o m 

g a r a g e

Get all the details on this garage garden station here

Thanks so much to Ashli for sharing her home with us. Make sure you check out her blog here


  1. What a beautiful space! Having the laundry handy is a big deal!

  2. Man...I love how light-filled these rooms are. So fresh and airy. Love this house--thanks for featuring it! Off to visit her blog now:)

  3. Practical and adorable! Great home tour. That garden station is a fantastic idea!

  4. Ashli, you have such a lovely home! Two of my favorite touches are your kitchen mini curtains- such a clever treatment and love the fabric, also your petite counter desk in your office is such a great way to utilize space!

    Great job!


  5. Nice post!! Great home tour. That garden station is a fantastic idea!
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  6. outstanding way of decorating your rooms.i really like the way you are working on this blog.
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