Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Freezer Meal Group and Freezy Peasy

A few years ago I got together with some ladies in my neighborhood and we started a freezer meal group. I say it all the time but this group has saved my life! Seriously. To be honest I don't really enjoy cooking and I don't really have the time to slave away all day in the kitchen. Our group works like this:

There are 8 girls in the group so we prepare 8 of the same meal. One night a month we get together and exchange the meals so we all go home with 8 different meals. All of the meals are freezer meals so they can be frozen and pulled out anytime to eat. 

I love this idea because not only does it save time cooking but it also saves time having to plan a menu and the meals. Instead of thinking up 8 different meals I just have to come up with 1! I have to admit it is hard thinking up new meals each month which is why I'm super excited about my friend Stephanie's new e-cookbook, Freezy Peasy: Freezer Cooking Made Easy

Sound like something you’d like to get in on?  Inside you’ll find…

50 kitchen-tested freezer recipes
10 menu plans complete with shopping lists
Printable cooking labels for each meal.

  • An easy to follow primer on what the art of freezer cooking is all about.
  • A 10-step plan for getting your freezer ready as well as tips on which containers to use for setting up the ultimate freezer kitchen.
  • Advice on how to shop, store, and defrost smart in order to eliminate waste and save you money.
  • Detailed explanations of which foods freeze well, which don’t, and instructions on how to easily and efficiently throw together a whole slew of freezer meals in one sitting.

If you are interested in this book go here to find out more and to buy the book

And use the code 6thstreet to get 25% off! 


  1. Freezer meal group? That sounds like a fabulous idea! Looks like a fabulous book too, and a great price! Thank you!

  2. Would love to put together my own freezer meal group, as I share your lack-of-love for cooking. For more recipe ideas, you could check out Once-a-Month Mom: a website with a TON of freezer-friendly recipes; including specialized menus {like organic}, as well as baby/toddler friendly menues, too!

  3. Really interesting and useful idea to save time and get new menu. Its true that its really hard to set 8 meals menu every time. It is good idea go with one and get 8 meals.


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