Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Week's Links

If you follow me on instagram (@kirstenkrason) you have a good idea of what I was up to last week. The best news from last week is that we finally started decorating our new playroom.  We built a lot of the furniture and painted a chalkboard wall!! It's so pretty and black I almost hate to start drawing on it! 

Here are some of the other links I was loving last week. 

1 | I love this mini house tour of my friend Bri's home. Such great style. 
2 | Need help arranging pillows on your sectional? Look no further than here...
3 | Easy peasy mother's day craft for kids. 
4 | This idea is so adorable and I can't wait to try it with my kids this summer. 
5 | I love this rocket party so much I might throw one for my own birthday this year. 
6 | The happiest spring scarf

7 | If you don't read the painted arrow you should. Amazing blogger who comes up with beautiful free printables all the time! 
8 | This shopping cart would be such a hit at my house. I'm debating on getting it for my playroom. 
9 | This swim cover up is to-die-for. 
10 | Why not stencil some cool chalkboard designs on your walls? 
11 | These should be your new measuring cups for summer! 



  1. The Painted Arrow looks like an amazing blog!

  2. I always love this roundup. Thanks for all of the great reads!

  3. That bedroom is so beautiful! I'm addicted to watercolor pillows. Can't get enough.

    And yes, you need that shopping cart. My friend has one and it's always the most popular toy at every play date. Even with the boys! :-)

  4. We have the shopping cart & love it! It's super sturdy so as a result it has scraped paint off walls & made some dings in our fridge. I've thought about adding some padding on it somehow. Good quality & will last forever.


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