Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What You Should Be Buying Right Now at Urban Outfitters

I love going to Urban Outfitters for really unique items. I think they have clever designs and reasonable prices. Here is what I would be snatching up in a heartbeat at Urban Outfitters. 

I think this would be so great in a playroom. You could store toys in it and also use it as a side table! 

I love a patterned picture frame! 

I just love this little zebra hook! 

Such a great saying on a beautifully graphic poster. 
Hexagon Side Table - $99

You can't go wrong with a gold side table! 

I am really considering this rug for my kitchen by my sink. It's just so sweet! 

leather, pink and polka dot, what's not to love! 

Geo-Stripe Storage Box - Set of 3 - $29

These boxes would look great in any space but I'm picturing them being amazing in an office. 

It's so hard to find clean and modern clocks which is why I love this one! 

What would you snatch up at Urban Outfitters if you could? 


  1. I love browsing Urban Outfitters too. Tose storage boxes are awesome!

  2. urban always seems to come out with the coolest stuff. love that wire basket up top. so unique! and so many ways to use it. and of course, those frames. any and all!

  3. I just bought a cool tiered pendant ~ love their fun whimisical finds, too!

  4. This rug is the best!! http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=24721524&parentid=A_FURN_RUGS

    I actually got it 2 years ago at Homegoods for my twins nursery, and didn't think I would see it anywhere else. I highly recommend it.

    Here it is my house with my kiddos playing on it: http://nate-and-megs.blogspot.com/2013/02/11-months.html

  5. I just love the market cart and the frames and the heart rug!! I think I have an urban outfitters by me...I'll have to check out the sales! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. I saw a table similar to the hexagon side table at Ross yesterday for significantly less. I literally gasped when I saw it. It was awesome. The one at UO is beautiful, too.

  7. I love both of those end tables, haven't checked UO out in awhile. I love that everything they have is so fun and unique.

  8. we actually just put a few of their new rugs in a client kids room presentation. i love how affordable they are for a room on a budget!

  9. I love their stuff too, unique and fun :) I love that rolling basket, very cool.

  10. I was just browsing on there last night. I am in love with all of their stuff right now!

  11. what a great round up! love that wire basket table. uo really does have some great accessories & lighting too! i am seriously considering this lamp for my living room. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=25114687&parentid=A_FURN_LIGHTING

  12. Love Urban Outfitters and I always go there first when looking for affordable, cool stuff for my clients. My favorite is the Hexagon table and any of their rugs.. Oh yeah, and their drapes!

  13. I'm loving their world atlas blanket. I need to get it before it gets sold out!

  14. Love this! Can you make it a series with other decor lines?

  15. Haha that first table is soo neat. But the heart rug looks kind of cheap :/ Checkout my DIY Chevron iPhone caddy post from today.


    A Pop of Style

  16. Such a shame they don't ship their furniture to Australia but if I could I would choose the hexagon side tables!!!

  17. I've also noticed some awesome finds for the home at UO lately, a place you wouldn't think of for home decor.

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