Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Took Away From Alt

It just so happens that I took more away from Alt than just amazing truffles. I happened to learn a few things too. I'm not gonna lie after attending Alt for three years I've heard a lot of the same things over and over. Even though a lot of the info is the same it doesn't mean I don't need to hear it. Like how many times have I heard, "add a pin-it"button to your blog pictures and I still haven't done it. It's always good to get a reminder and a kick in the pants to do the things I know I should be doing. 

I've compiled a few of my favorite tips on things I hadn't considered before. 

The above quote is from Merrilee from the blog Mer Mag. Out of all the panels this was the one I was most excited to go to.  I really really really want to work with brands this year. And not just with giveaways but I want to do more brand campaigns with companies.

// Do as much work as possible for the brands. You have to make it as easy as you can for brands to work with you.
// After your brand campaign is over send the company a report of how it went. Let them know what your stats were for that week and how you worked hard to give exposure to the campaign. 
// Engagement > Traffic. Brands care way more about how engaged and loyal your readers are than your numbers. Engaged readers will click on links and take your recommendations seriously. 
// Banner ads are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It's all about Content Campaigns
// You should expect to make $2-3 CPM per post. 
// You should charge companies $25 for every 10,000 monthly page views you get for any kind of sponsor post. 
// DON'T BE SNEAKY (something Jenny is awesome at!)

I went to this panel mainly to learn about affiliate links and Jessica from Mom Creative had lots of great info on this topic. 
// You always need to disclose for any affiliate links you use on the actual post. You could just say something like, "Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate Links Used".  
// 5% commission for affiliate links is not enough! 
// Use Pinterest to promote your affiliate links. 

// Avoid asking for money straight up in your media kit or pitch. 
// Don't promise engagement just promotion. 
// Don't charge different amounts to different advertisers. It just doesn't look good. 
Photo by Brooke Dennis

// Where do most of you readers go? Focus your social media efforts there. Make your Facebook cover photo clear and use correct sizing (850 x 315 px) makes it clear. Use the app Static HTML to add pages to your Facebook page. 
// The best things to post about on Facebook are behind the scenes photos and insight. 

// Don't Instagram everything. 2-5 Instagram posts a day max. 
// Take photos on days when there is good lighting in your home and try hard to make your photos look good. Stock up on photos and use them throughout the week. 
// Make sure you are mentioning your Instagram on all of your other social media outlets!

I'm sorry for all the blogging/Alt posts. I promise I'll get back to regularly scheduled design posting soon! There is just SO much good info I want to relay to you guys! 


  1. Thanks for this. So helpful to me.

  2. Don't be sorry...I'm grateful to get this info!

  3. I agree Don't be sorry!! Like you said just because you've heard something once doesn't mean it wouldn't help to hear it again! These are great tips and I had no idea how the affliates and brands hoopla worked! Thank you for insight!

    Ergo - Blog

  4. I'm not sorry at ALL! For the rest of us who couldn't go, it's so fun to get these highlights - thanks for sharing!

  5. Kirsten, Love these posts! Don't apologize or censor yourself. It is great to hear an reviews of what is going on at Alt since most of us weren't able to attend.

  6. Great stuff Kirsten! I'd love to attend Alt, maybe one day. Thanks for all the great insight :)

  7. Yes, Kirsten! Thanks for being willing to share this great info with us! xo

  8. Great info. Thank you for taking the time to share what you learned.

  9. Love these great tips! We went to a lot of the same classes! I really enjoyed them to! I love this round up! I like that more engaged followers are better than numbers! I want to hold onto that one :)

  10. The "working with brands" board was my favorite too!! Jenny was AMAZING in my opinion!

  11. I've never had the guts to go to any conference so I have to learn from you! Great information, I think I'm on task with the pin it button and Facebook. But have never worked with a brand nor do I have sponsors. That's the kick in the pants I need.

  12. LOVE the ALT posts on blogging, please keep sharing! Today's post was so interesting/valuable to me.

  13. I wish I was as legit as you so that I could go to Alt. Great advice, though!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  14. Very useful tips for bloggers- Jenny's how to calculate rates is something I've never heard!

  15. 2-5 instagram posts a day? That's alot! Should I be doing that as a photographer? Yikes.

  16. PS That's a super cute picture of you at the top of this post. I'm pretty sure I don't look that good when walking and caught unaware!


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