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Top Tips for Decorating Kids' Rooms & Studio 5

Today I went on Studio 5 to talk about my top three tips for decorating kids' rooms. You can view the clip above to see my tips or you can read this post go get all the tips I talked about on the show!

 I LOVE decorating kids spaces because I am a pattern and color fantastic and so I feel like kids' spaces are where I can really let go and go crazy! 

I see so many kids' rooms done wrong and it makes me sad because kids spend so much time in their rooms. They should be such happy places for them to be. I wanted to offer some of my top tips for decorating kid's rooms that I'll be talking about on the show.  


I don't doubt that your child has a certain fascination with a character, movie or other type of theme but that doesn't mean their room has to scream, "Star Wars!", "Toy Story!", "Princesses" etc. We all know that kids lose interest in things quickly which is why I say, Stay away from a theme. They might be into it at the moment but what happens a year later when they could care less about monkeys. Now their new favorite animal is tigers. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate things they love.

For example say your little boy LOVES airplanes.

You maybe tempted to do something like the above picture. This room is fine but its lacking any sort of "wow-factor" and  since it's all the same color and the exact same graphics on everything the room becomes very one note and flat. 

Now let's take this room as an example:

You get the overall feel that these kids love airplanes but it's much more interesting than the previous room. It also has more of a "fun" element to it. 

You can also take Jett's room as an example. My husband is a pilot so I wanted to have some sort of airplane theme in Jett's room but I didn't want it to be too obvious or over done. So I had my husband take some pictures out of the cockpit while he was flying and we framed them.  I also have a couple of airplane figurines. Doing a theme in small doses is the way to do it.


When picking furniture and bedding for your baby or child think about pieces they can have for a long time. A typical changing table will really only be used until they get to big to lift up on it. Think about getting a dresser instead. A rug with little yellow duckies might be cute until they are 4 and then you are going to wish you'd bought something a little more versatile.  For Jane's Nursery I picked simple bedding, sophisticated furniture that can easily work in any room in my home and colors that can grow with her. 

There is nothing in her room that is too "childish". Obviously you don't want a nursery to feel too formal or sophisticated. Her room is still sweet and fit for a baby girl but if you took out the crib it could easily transform into a toddler room and even a teen girls room.

Just like your child is going to quickly grow out of a theme they are also going to most likely grow out of baby pink and baby blue. While these are fun for a nursery a year later you are going to be wanting something different. For Jane's Nursery I wanted to go with pink but I didn't want pink to overwhelm the room.  Also try and stick with a color scheme that doesn't scream "baby". Keep in mind they will  only be babies for so long. Ask yourself if you are still going to want baby pink and baby blue when your baby becomes a toddler. It's fine to use pastels but punch it up with some more saturated colors as well.

photo via Ish and Chi 

TIP 3 // HAVE FUN!! 

I love doing kids spaces because you can get away with things you wouldn't do in any other room. You can especially go a little crazier with color and pattern.

photo taken by me of Sawyers Room

 Don't be afraid to use wallpaper or paint the walls a fun color. 

picture taken by Chelsey Bell of This Nursery 

I loved designing this Nursery that is vibrant and full of life. I love that my client was brave enough to go with lime green on the walls of her son's nursery. And along with having fun I would say find ways to add a touch of whimsy. Children's rooms should be special and magical. Think of cute products you can add to the room that just bring a smile to your child's face. 

photo via Graham and Green

picture via Family Living

Add something unexpected. A child's room is a great place to add a giant stuffed animal, fun things hanging down from the ceiling, a swing! When you are designing a kids space try and connect to your inner child. What would you have wanted in your room when you were little? And do that! 

Your children are only children for such a short time. Make their rooms as special as you can so they are places where your kids can create lots and lots of happy memories. 

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud reading this in my reader this morning! Just YESTERDAY I did a post on nursery inspiration and staying away from the "47 room elements that match"...I didn't think to include a photo of just how bad it can be! ha! Great room inspirations - thanks for sharing, I just linked this post in a follow up to mine yesterday!

  2. Where do you find the giant stuffed animal heads for walls? I've been looking around for child friendly ones.

  3. I hace 3 girls un one room te oldest is like princess the second is little moré rock and the little is evreathing os dora the ages mis 9,8,2 How i can combine de decoration?

  4. Great post! I'd love to know where the stuffed animal heads came fromM

    1. You can find them here:

  5. How cute is your interview! You did such a great job. Love all your tips & style.


  6. Wonderful tips! I can finally put a voice to a face. :) Can I ask where the "dream big little one" pillow is from?

  7. Gorgeous children's rooms! My son LOVED the little girl on the swing! Makes me want to go redecorate my boys' abodes! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~Abby =)

  8. Amazing article, thanks for putting this collectively! "This is obviously one huge post. Thanks for the priceless information and insights you have so provided here. Keep it up!"

  9. Congratulations!! The tips are great and you did SO WELL in your segment!!


  10. you were too cute. i thought you did so well in the interview! i loved it! and of course awesome decorating tips! love everything you do.

  11. How fun seeing you in person and put a voice to the words I read in your blog! You looked super cute and I love those tips! You seriously inspire me!

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  13. So excited to see what you all come up with!! SO much fun!! I’m sure you can’t wait to be living here already!

  14. Number 1 is my favorite :) That is definitely my top tip as well!

  15. i got many ideas from this blog for my house ...this will be my top tips.

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