Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas House This Year

I really tried to spruce up my Christmas decorating last years so this year I didn't do too much. I still love all the things I had last year. I just added a few new pieces that I just had to have. 

The first time I ever saw the Forest Animal snow globe from West Elm I knew I had to have it! It is so magical. 

Jett loves to watch all the snow fall down over and over and over again! 

My family makes homemade gingerbread houses every year. Don't look too close. There are lots of imperfections! 

We also decided to get a real tree this year. It's so fun to have this living tree in our house. I think we're going to end up getting real trees every year from now on. 

I picked up a few glittery animal ornaments from Target this year to add to the tree. 

If you follow me on instagram  (@kirstenkrason) you saw that I made painted the Silent Night Nativity from Caravan Shoppe.  I just can't get enough of their stuff. Everything is so user friendly. 

I decided to add a little glitter to baby Jesus. He needed to be a little more special. 

This year I also picked up a stocking for Jane. Each of my stockings is different but to keep a little consistency they are all white. 

Jett's stocking is from West Elm and Jane's is from Pottery Barn

I got my stocking from Paloma's Nest and Josh's is from West Elm. 

If you want to see all of my other Christmas decorations with sources check out my post from last year here


  1. Aren't real trees the best? You can't beat them. :) I love that your stockings are from different places but all look cohesive.

  2. So pretty Kirsten. Love the creamy white stockings!!

  3. So cute, I love all the details!! The penguins are so so cute!!



  4. LOVE that wreath! I want to make one asap!

  5. Love the decor! We made gingerbread houses this year too! One day I was putting the baby to bed and the older kids decided to eat their houses, so after all the candy was licked and pieces were broken off I had to thrown them away;(

  6. Yeah!!! Keeping the tradition alive!! Isn't this a wonderful yet horrible tradition?

  7. That nativity scene is so cute! I've been looking for a more modern one to decorate with. Also loving that polka dot wrapping paper, so cute. Just found your adorable blog, following you!



  8. Really cute! Is that just a regular ol' train set under the tree? Are they battery operated trains? I love that idea! Although I doubt my boys would let me keep them there for long. Tehe

  9. I just clicked on a link from Pinterest and it was you - I follow you on instagram and didn't even know you had a blog :) Your blog is awesome - so glad I found it. Have a blessed day!

  10. I just love your gingerbread house! We've always done kits, but I would love to make one like this. Do you have a bread and icing recipes and a pattern you are willing to share?


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