Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bat Attack

I'll be the first to admit I don't really like Halloween. It actually kind of creeps me out. I don't really enjoy decorating for Halloween because it scares me plus most of the decorations I find are a little tacky. But for the sake of my kids I've decided to start buying a few decorations each year. 

This year I put some bats on the wall. I know it's not very exciting but it's the best I could do. 

I actually really like them and Jett got pretty excited when he woke up from his nap and saw our house had been attacked by bats. 

I just bought a pack of foam bats at Target and stuck them to the wall with putty. I also created a little black and white scallop banner using the same technique I used for my sparkly silver Christmas banner I made at Christmas last year. I found the black and white foam sheets at Walmart. 

I also bought a cute owl snow globe at T.J. Maxx. So that's as exciting as it gets around her for Halloween. Next year I'll step up my game I promise! 


  1. I'm with you, not my favorite holiday, at all. You are a good mom! :)

  2. Aw, I love Halloween! I agree though that most of the decorations for the holiday are tacky and untasteful. I really like the bats though. Cute idea!


  3. we love the bats at our house, too! such a great way to fill empty wall space

    you can check them out here


  4. I don't decorate for Halloween either. There's only so much storage in my house and I prefer to dedicate all of it for Christmas! :)


  5. Spiderwebs and blinking eyes are not my fave. But I love decorating with pumpkins, fall foliage or anything that has to do with candy corn :) I agree that most halloween stuff is tacky. I really don't like walking my kids to the bus stop and passing the super creepy house with skeletons coming out of the ground. And it's the house we have to stand in front of to wait for the bus and it creeps my kids out making them go to school with anxiety!


  6. I think your Halloween decor is a perfect blend ... classy and not tacky / scary like many Halloween decorations tend to be, and fun for the kiddos! Nice job!

  7. Oh, this is just the right amount. Very cute. I'm not a fan of the over -the-top stuff anyway. Although it definitely gets harder to avoid as your kids get older!

  8. I know! I feel bad not decorating for Halloween for my kids sake but the options out there aren't great or are overpriced. I love yours! That scalloped bunting is super cute!!


  9. Halloween decorations can be a bit cheesy. I love what you did! The bats and scalloped bunting are so cute!

  10. I agree with you! I've never been big into Halloween and have never been much of one to dress up or decorate. But both of my kids have birthdays right after Halloween (Nov 2 and 4) and they'll be 2 and 4 this year, so we've decided to make their birthday parties a combined annual Halloween costume party! My oldest loves Halloween and my little guy seems to be following suit, so we figured this is probably the easiest way to go about it! I think I've bought more orange and black decor than I ever have! I'm like you and agree most Halloween decor is cheesy, so I've been trying to find stuff that I know I will like and reuse for years to come. I love your bats and banners! I've made some bats like that, I'll have to try out your banner...thanks for the idea!!

  11. Super cute and clever!!

  12. We don't celebrate Halloween, but we sure enjoy fall and have created our own traditions that aren't creepy! :) Love the snow globe!!!

  13. Haha, I'm glad you said it! I love zombies and scary movies and all (I don't need a holiday for those!) but I'm not crazy about decorating for Halloween. Black and orange? No thank you. I'm thinking of trying a deep purple Halloween palette next year. Your decorations are cute though, I wouldn't have known you didn't like decorating for Halloween unless you said so : ]


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