Thursday, August 23, 2012

Salt Lake City Parade of Homes 2012

Another year another parade of homes! 

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I wasn't able to visit as many homes as I would have liked but here is a rundown of the ones I did see. 

*Please note I can't give you sources for these homes. If you want to know where something comes from try contacting the builder directly*

The first home was done by Rainey Homes

photo via Rainey Homes

I love everything about this kitchen but especially the pendant lights. 

The fixture above this kitchen table is so pretty. 

I love the t.v. and fireplace and surrounding built-ins.

The next home I saw was done by McArthur Homes

What little boy wouldn't love a bed like this! 

I thought the backsplash tile was really pretty with the wall color. 

Wow, that is a big pillow. 

The next home was done by Lane Myers Construction. It is literally a mansion at 20,222 square feet. I didn't take an exterior picture but here's one from their website to give you an idea.

Unfortunately it was pretty disappointing once you got inside. The decorating was blah. and most of the house still felt really empty. 

This room was probably the most designed of all the spaces. I like the painting and the mirrors a lot. 

The owner of the home is a music manager for stars like Lionel Richie and Usher. 

I like the idea of two chairs at a desk for sisters. 

This just made me laugh. Jett is obsessed with stuffed animals and this will surely happen to us one day if we don't stop buying them for him. 

Pretty roman shade

I loved this roman shade done in the fabric I posted about last month. 

I would say this roman shade was the most pattern we got in the whole home. 

This chaise in the master bedroom looks super comfy and elegant. 

I loved the tub and the floor grain but the roman shades could have been a little happier in my opinion. 

I liked the map in the playroom.  

The Kitchen is pretty glamours. Not really my style but I thought it was pretty.  

The ceiling was by far my favorite part. 

This little scrapbook room was cute. 

I loved the custom roman shades in the arched windows. 

The best part of this house was probably the door knobs. 

My favorite home was done by Ivory Homes. Once again they blew the other houses out of the water in my opinion. They always put the most detail and thought (and probably money) into their parade homes. 

We started out visiting the girls' room. 

I really love these colors together. Lately we've seen a lot of coral with mint but I liked it with this dusty blue and green. 

This bathroom was super cute. I wish I'd had better lighting to show you the true colors. 

That roman shade is so happy! 

This little boys room is really cute. A little more traditional but it has a lot of fun elements. 

I liked a lot of things about this Living Room. I think the color palette is really soothing and the colors they have add just the right amount of "punch". 

Love this coffee table arrangement. 

I thought that it was a great idea to have a piano bench reupholstered in something pretty like this. 

I wish I had been able to make it to more homes. I dragged Jett along to all of them with me and he was such a trooper. 

He even wears the little protective booties and everything!

*Please note I can't give you sources for these homes. If you want to know where something comes from try contacting the builder directly*


  1. Jett rocks!!! I hope he got a treat for being such a fab assistant ;) thanks for Shari g all the great photos. I would love to know the grey paint color sources, gorgeous!!!

  2. lovely designs here i will also posted some house designs at my blog!So interesting thought I liked that.

  3. The first house with that huge front porch is my favorite and a little slice of heaven! How great would it be to have a cup of tea there every morning!

  4. Jett is so cute in his booties! The last home is beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sharing this tour! I loved the Ivory Home also, fun decor and very creative!

  6. I love the kitchens in each! That first one was beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG!!!! That Schumacher Zanzibar die for! Maybe not that color way....but it's the fabric I sourced for my master and it's only going on a pillow! I agree that last house was AMAZING!

  8. I am obsessed with all of the roman shades in the last house!!!!! Have you ever attempted to DIY those?

  9. I can totally see why you liked that last house best. AH-mazing!! Thank for taking us on the tour! Hope your doing well- count down to baby soon right?

  10. Thank you for sharing the tour. I noticed the roman shades are mounted at ceiling height on the wall. I've never seen that before. Is this new? I have 3 windows I'd love to try this look with.

  11. I am so sad I didn't get to go with you! Next year for sure!

  12. Does the Parade of Homes take place in real homes, or are these all models?

    There are some lovely ideas here, but everything looks so sterile! Call me crazy ... :)

    1. lol. Most of them are model homes. But a few are real homes and I agree they need more stuff!

  13. The last house is mt favorite too! How do you feel about how high the roman shades are mounted? And then they're drawn up so you can see the top of the window frame. I know mounting high is a good thing, but is that too much of a good thing? I'm getting ready to do lots of window treatments so I'd love thoughts.

    1. Hey Sarah, I think it's a great idea to draw the eye upward.

  14. Poor Jett :) Ha! Thanks for taking the time to take and post these pictures. I never realized people actually lived in these homes. . . Hope you're feeling well!

  15. I loved peeking inside all those homes, but the best part was your little guy in booties. Too cute! A trooper indeed!

  16. Wow - never saw so many predictable, cookie-cutter interiors.

  17. I agree that the mansion was totally blah. I knew that it would be before even going in -- who would even know where to begin with 20,000+ square feet?! Did you see the house on Spring Lane? It was darling.

  18. Kirsten - I work for Ivory Homes and stumbled upon your blog! We are so happy you loved this home and love that you took the time to share it. On behalf of Ivory we would all like to thank you. Please let me know if you have an email that I would be able to reach you at. - Brooke C.


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