Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cresthaven Master Bedroom

So far I've shared the Living Room, Dining Room and Basement that I designed for the model home. Today I'm sharing the Master Bedroom with you. 

I love designing bedrooms so I was pretty excited about doing the Master Bedroom. Here is the board I created for the room. 

Our budget was $1,500 for this room. This is wasn't a lot considering we needed a bed, dresser and two nightstands plus all the extra stuff! 

The inspiration for this room was really centered around the Arianne duvet cover from Pottery Barn. I loved the colors in it. 

I actually bought one queen duvet cover and had Kristen from Blue Spindle cut it up to make two decorative pillows for the bed as well as curtains. One queen size duvet really goes along way! For $149 plus the cost of sewing we got 2 curtain panels and 2 throw pillows. 

One of the biggest challenges in this room was finding a bed in the budget. I knew I wanted an upholstered bed and preferably a fully upholstered bed not just the headboard.

I stumbled across this Costco Nailbutton Upholstered Bed  for around $600 and I knew it was the one! (We ordered the queen but it doesn't look like that size is available anymore). 

Sunburst Mirror: $25 on sale at Hobby Lobby

Greek Key Sham: Jennifer Lopez Shams from Kohl's (The shams are from this collection but it doesn't seem like they are available anymore.)
Floral Pillows: Made from the Arianne Queen Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn. Sewn by Blue Spindle.
Tan Lumbar: Blue Spindle  
White Duvet Cover: I found this Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn on sale at DownEast for $25. 

Nightstands can be SO expensive so we tried to get creative and stay within the budget. We bought the Rast Chest from Ikea and had it painted blue. Then we ordered 12 of these  from O'verlays and I spray painted them gold. The hardware is from here
Lamps: Hobby Lobby
Plant: Target

Curtains: Made from the Arianne Queen Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn. Sewn by Blue Spindle
Pink Quilt: Punch Diamond Quilt from Serena and Lily

Dresser: Hemnes Dresser from Ikea
For artwork above the dresser I framed this paper from Paper Mojo. 

Love Print: Donated by Good Girl Gone Glad 

Rose Print: I cut this out of an old Snow and Graham calender I had. 

Watercolor Floral Print: Birds of Ashmae
Floral Vase: Anemone Mezzo Vase from Anthropologie 

Paint color is Hazy Skies by Benjamin Moore 

photos taken by Jylare Smith Photography 

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  1. Such a beautiful job on a small budget! I love the Ikea bedside tables. You can do amazing things with those O'verlays, right? Great bed for only $600, too!

  2. I love this space! Those night stands are heaven and I love all the cozy pillows you pilled up!

  3. Love this!! You did a great job with such a small budget!

  4. WOW looks great! Very creative use of $$

  5. Gorgeous! What a great idea to use a duvet cover for curtains and pillows!

  6. Everything looks beautiful! The bed is a steal - it looks just like the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel which is three times the price. The dresser with the overlays is an amazing "custom" look (I love those overlays!!!) and using the duvet for the fabric is a great idea. I almost bought the same paper from Paper Mojo last night - had it in my cart and then changed my mind ... I may have to re-think .. they look gorgeous all framed up like that!

  7. So beautiful - you did an AMAZING job! How was the quality of the bed? It seems like a great option for those of us who love the Colette!

  8. I love it! That is so brilliant to use the duvet cover for the pillows and curtains. I absolutely love the side tables too! I've seen them painted like that before but the overlays look much easier and more professional. How much did you end up spending on those?

  9. This is my favorite room of the model home! You did a beautiful job, I love the colors and you deserve a medal for stretching those dollars!! Great job!!

  10. It looks awesome! I can't believe you did it all for $1600, that is a really tough budget when you need EVERYTHING. I love the nightstands!

  11. This is gorgeous Kirsten - I think this might be my favorite from the model home that you've done. Just the different ways you stretched your budget and got creative makes it even better. Beautiful job!

  12. I am AMAZED at what you turned out for $1600. Well done! I'm currently doing my master and even with a lot of the work being done by me, it's still stacking up to be a lot more!
    Thanks for sharing your great designs!

  13. I think my favorite thing is the curtains and pillows! Love them! =)

  14. A beautiful result for $1600! Love the pillow and the nightstands!

  15. Agree with everyone else...just amazing job, especially with such a tight budget. The nightstands are killer. What type of paint did you use?

  16. Hi! Looked at the Hemnes dresser online and it recommends fastening it to the wall. Did you do that? Did it seem necessary?

    1. We didn't. I don't think any of my clients ever have either that have bought that dresser.

    2. I have one in my boys room and it is not attached it to the wall. Seems pretty stable!

  17. Beautiful! Another great room on a budget.

  18. Thank you for providing me with a sunburst mirror source. Finding a decently priced and superb looking sunburst mirror has been challenging. Today I can finish my master bedroom redo. I am picking one up from Hobby Lobby today.

  19. Love what you did with those night stands and the deal on the bed...awesome job

  20. Absolutely gorgeous places!Love the details of the bedroom!Looks so sweet!Love that mirror!

  21. Absolutely Gorgeous places..Awesome job and look so sweet...

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