Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Utah County Parade of Homes

Every year I hit up the parade of homes with my good friend Mandy.  I wasn't able to see very many homes this year and to be honest I was pretty disappointed with most of them. There was some really really really bad design. But there were a few homes that I found inspiring. 

*I'm sorry but I can't provide sources for these images. I've linked to each builder's website so you are welcome to try asking them*

The first house we visited was a modern home down by Ezra Lee Design + Build

See that green plant wall up on the loft? It's a living wall. The whole wall is succulents and other plant life with a drip watering system and everything! Crazy. 

I liked this idea of sliding barn doors that were actually huge mirrors. Really cool. 

A library room. One can only dream right? 

Two settees a the dining room table is an interesting idea. 

I liked a house done by D.R. Horton. They used a lot of Dwell Studio fabric

I thought this arrangement of white vases on the table made a great centerpiece. 

We also visited a home done by Cadence Homes designed by Four Chairs Furniture

I really love this little red chair. 

The last house I visited was done by Ivory Homes. They always do such a great job and in my opinion have by far the best decorating. 

I love the Schumacher Sinhala on the chairs. 

Love the botanicals above the fireplace. 

Velvet spool chairs? Yes, please. 

Then how about this Chiang Mai duvet cover? 

I thought this room was really fun and I loved the mix of patterns. 

To see the Utah County Parade of Homes from past years go here and here


  1. I've got that oversize clock! So many details here to love, especially loving that bedroom with the orange bordered valance detail, thanks for sharing!

  2. You wouldn't happen to know where they got the white bookcase with the drawers in the second-to-last photo? The one with the globes on top? Thanks for the preview!

  3. Loving the entire room w/the little red chair! Those spool chairs are to die for! I like me some chiang mai, but that was a bit much IMO.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Where can you find the sources for some of the items used?

    1. I didn't design these homes so I'm not sure where items are from but I've linked to the builder's websites so you are welcome to email them and ask.

  5. What a great tour! Love that stone fireplace and that kitchen looks yummy too! I do have once source I can pass on-I know that wallpaper in the laundry room is Thibaut Avalon-Waterbury trail: I used it in a clients entry-its such a great print. If your interested the entry is here:


  6. I love that curved gray couch!! What a neat piece.

  7. I love every detail in these homes. I love the living wall and all of the light fixtures in the first home...this is more than one home, right? Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  8. Love to coral spool bed in the last pic! And that reading room is amazing :)A girl can dream right?!

  9. I am in love with the apple green kitchen cabinets! It is such a unique color.



  10. So many loves from this post! Those barn door mirrors, ikat couch, bedding from the last few images. OMG Thanks for sharing!
    Gets me excited about our next Parade of Homes in OK.

    1. We did the barn doors with Ezra Lee and love to hear how much people enjoyed them and the rest of our mirrors and bulletin boards.

  11. MMM GREAT POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

    If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  12. Oh, Utah County. I love the place... but sometimes I wonder. Is the trend still Tuscan? These ones are actually pretty good! I love the first picture-- totally not what I would expect, it's great. I want the plant wall!

  13. Beyond gorgeous!!! I just found out about your blog from "The Meghan Method" and I absolutley love your taste and inspirational photos!

  14. A friend forwarded your blog to me, love how you picked out some of the best things from the parade. And I just wanted to let you and your readers know that our company Massiv did all the oversized mirrors and bulletin boards that were in houses #15 and #18, along with the barn door mirrors in Ezra Lee's house.


  15. Hi Kirsten! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful and inspirational photos! I especially liked the sunburst mirror in one of your photos! I've used a similar mirror several times in my designs and attached a link to a post I recently did on sunbursts. The Devon mirror from ZGallerie isn't an identical match, but very similar to the one shown, in case any of your readers are looking!


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