Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Easel Food Labels

These food labels were one of my favorite things at the Shower. They were super easy and cheap to make. I thought I would show you the step-by-step so you could create something similar for your own shindig. 

I used Clipper Script Font for the top text. 

and Ostrich Sans for the bottom text. 

I put them together in PowerPoint and then just did a screen print of the text I wanted. 

I took that screen print image and dragged it onto a word document. Then I printed it out on cardstock. 

I bought a 4-pack of mini easels at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure you could find them at any craft store. You can also buy them here. I got the pink gingham tape from

After that I just used some elmers glue to adhere the paper to the easel. These are so easy to make and you could use them for almost any event! 


  1. These are adorable. Such a great way to dress up a table. Thanks for the sources too!

  2. this is so adorable - pinning it!

  3. great idea...that shower decor was amazing!


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