Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Cloud Art

About a year ago I was flipping through one of my favorite decor books and I came across this amazing art installation of cloud art. 

image via The Nest Home Design Handbook 

I loved how serene it was and I knew that I would somehow find a way to incorporate something like this in my home. 

Jett's room has a big empty wall so this was the perfect place for our gallery wall of cloud art. 

My husband is a pilot and he took all these pictures from the cockpit while he was flying which makes the art meaningful and special to us. I framed them in Ikea ribba frames and had the prints blown up at my local Walgreens. 

I love love love how they turned out and Jett really loves them too. Every morning when I come get him in his room he says, "Whoa, mom look at those clouds!" 

I am not the first one to attempt this project. 

Check out some other great DIY Cloud art. 

Amber from Amber Interior Design blew up a cloud photo for her dining room. 

Erica from Tart House also incorporated this idea in her bedroom. 

You can read more about her project here

Dina from Honey and Fitz created some cloud art for her bathroom. What a perfect place to dream about clouds. 

Jett's room is seriously coming along. Just a few more finishing touches and it will be done! 


  1. What a fantastic idea! and the fact that your hubby took the pics makes it all the more special. Love it!

  2. I also "used" Amber's idea for our dining room and love it, it kind of makes me happy!

  3. What a cute idea! I love how the pictures are beautiful as well as meaningful.

  4. Love it, and love that they were taken from up in the clouds :)

  5. Ohhhh what a great idea! I so have to do this!

  6. After reading your post i think this is a great project. I think i might do something like this in my basement since you can't see the clouds from down there.

  7. Love it! Especially that your hubby took them like that. I'm really looking forward to his room!!

  8. What a neat idea. We are moving half way across the country next month, and it would be neat to bring the clouds of our current home to our new home for the kids. Have you come across any other ways of incorporating moves in art? I supposed maps would work. We are moving from Milwaukee to Charleston.

  9. Those are darling. Such a sweet addition. Can't wait to see the whole room.

  10. Awesome! What a great idea! I love the inspiration image, too.

  11. This is an awesome idea!! Thank you so much!

  12. Super cute! Love to see everyone's take on the design. Photos from the cockpit how special!

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  13. love it! and I love that Josh took the photos...so special :)

  14. So sweet. I love how calming they are and the fact that your husband took the pictures makes them extra special!

  15. looks great! I love that your husband took them while flying!

  16. very pretty, good job! Where did you get those white frames? Did you say Wal-mart? amazing...
    have a great evening ~ Renae

  17. . now that I read more carefully, of course, Ikea! I have some of those myself, but in the rectangle sizes. see ya, ~ Nae

  18. they are beautiful! and i love that your husband took them! pam

  19. i love these! and i think it is so fun that your husband took the pictures. i work for jetblue in reservations and i think this would be a really fun thing to do in my office.

  20. Awesome idea! I love how it looks like a window to the outside. We could use a little more blue sky in the dark Northwest months.

  21. Looks so good, I love that your husband took them while he was flying!

  22. This is such a unique idea. My son's first birthday is this weekend and the theme is "You are My Sunshine" with suns/clouds/rainbows and this would be a great thing to add!

    Would love the follow back :)

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    The Pretty Pinhead

  23. I never would have thought this would look so beautiful! I'm in the middle of working on a gallery wall in my house and am totally adding this to the mix! Thanks for the beautiful idea!


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  25. Love these. I just linked up to this post in my cloud post! Have a great weekend!! :)


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