Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011 on 6th Street

2011 was a year full of goals for me. My new year's resolutions included getting a website up, having at least three projects photographed and re-doing my blog layout. I accomplished all of those goals! It's been really great to compile this roundup of my favorite posts and some of biggest accomplishments from 2011. Enjoy! 
In January I attended Alt and loved it! I learned so much. I helped my sister complete a DIY sunburst mirror. Jett also got some new curtains.  I went on Studio 5 to talk about mixing prints in your home. 

In February I made notecards out of my old calendar. An e-design project I helped with was featured on Design Sponge. I started my "good-to-great" series with a big reveal. My dad enlisted my help with his mayoral office. I love adding "Ks" all over my house and in February I added a little color and glitter K to my office. After attending Alt in January I decided to make some big changes to my blog. I started off by conducting a survey and then responding to your suggestions here. I also added a new chevron pillow to my life! 

March was an exciting month for me. My home tour was featured in Adore magazine. This was a huge step for my little business. One of my projects was featured on Design Sponge. I started my house tour with my living room. I went on Studio 5 to do a curtain segment.  I revealed a before and after makeover of my credenza.  I also posted about an e-design board that I did here

In April I added to my house tour by showing off my master bedroom, Jett's room and kitchen.  I revealed an e-design bedroom before and after. I also finished Jett's bathroom! I busted my butt to finish my mom's guest room for $500. It took a lot of work but it was a fun project to do. My house was featured on Apartment Therapy. That was a dream come true for me. I also got to go to High Point with Bryn in North Carolina. I also shared some of my favorite designer confessions as part of my Confessions of a Designer series.

In May I added some much needed pink to my master bedroom! I also changed out my blog header and made some other layout changes. I continued my house tour with my office pictures.

In June I revealed a bedroom before and after and I showed another client project update. I did some kitchen updating. I was really excited to show you all one of my very first before and after projects! I got to go on Studio 5 to share some of my favorite etsy artwork.

July was a fun month! I showed off a living room reveal. It was an exciting moment for me. I loved how the room turned out. I blogged about another client project during the middle of the month. I had an e-design success and I shared the before and after on my blog. Summer brought a front porch makeover!  I shared a nursery before and after as well.

In August Jett turned 2 and we celebrated with a nautical birthday party. I also shared a little sneak peak of a local project I was working on. Kirsten Krason Interiors was launched! I was pretty excited about that. I threw one of good friends a sprinkles themed baby shower.

In September I threw a Peacock Bridal shower for a close friend of mine. It was a blast! I welcomed Fall by doing a front porch makeover.  I was honored to be featured in Latter-Day Woman magazine.

In October we had our family pictures done by Jylare and I got around to starting up a Kirsten Krason Interiors Facebook page. I shared a one hour consult before and after.

In November I shared an e-design before and after and I finally got my powder room done. I also shared a little chair makeover that my client did. I announced that I was going to be decorating a model home. I also got to share a gift guide for kids in House of 50.

In December I hosted the 2nd annual Blogger Holiday Social with Alice Lane.  I also shared my Holiday decor with all of you! At the beginning of the month I reveled a living room before and after makeover that I did. I had the opportunity to do a roundup of my favorite products for Adore Magazine. I also shared my favorite winter products on Studio 5!

It's been a great year! Thanks to all of you for reading and if you missed it last year check out the best posts and projects of 2010 here


  1. You've had a tremendous year - cheers! And here's to another great one!

  2. Congrats to a very successful year! I hope 2012 is just as successful :)


  3. Love your recap = cheers to 2012

  4. awesome projects! i love reading about all of your work, keep it up! :)

  5. as a pretty new reader, this was the most perfect post! i can't wait to go through all those links and catch up on all of your big things from the past year (and before!)

  6. You've done so many lovely things this year! I really enjoyed looking through your recap. I'm looking forward to seeing where your blog and designs will go in 2012!

  7. What an amazing year! You are incredible. :)

  8. What an wonderful year in review! I look forward to many more years of blogging with you!


  9. You had a busy year! I love seeing all of your designs. Wonderful patterns and color schemes! Happy 2012!

  10. Thank you for the recap. I'm new to your blog so I had so much fun going through your old posts. Everything you do is so beautiful! You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

  11. I just found your blog today and will have fun after the kids go to bed checking it alll out -- already added you to my Reader! LOVE your style and can't wait to see what you beautify in 2012!!

  12. What a year Kirsten! I have you to thank for so much, but also thanks for including a photo of my living room in November too - what a nice surprise. And I must say it looks great - your vision coming to life. Looking forward to everything 2012 is going to bring.

  13. What a wonderful and exciting year you have had! Great job on accomplishing so much!

  14. Really interesting and informative images. You've certainly outlined your subject with a detailed and comprehensive manner. Some of these links are amazing, love it.

  15. wow! you were so productive! i love the way you laid this post out. the balance of text and images was fabulous. my goals for this year are pretty similar to yours...get a website up, update the blog and get some great photos of projects.
    hope your 2012 is even better than 2011!

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  17. what an amazing year you have had. Way to go!

  18. What a fantastic recap/re-intro to your blog. Ever since Bloglines fell off, my blog reading hasn't been the same. Looking forward to going through your links in this post and getting to "know" you again.


  19. Such a great year for you, so many great accomplishments.


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