Friday, March 12, 2010

Feature Friday: Odi et Amo

Averill of Odi et Amo wanted to make sure I prefaced this post by letting you all know that her home is still, very much, a work-in-progress, but whose isn't!  What I love about these feature friday homes is that these are real people's homes.  They are people who are slowly flexing their design muscles and making their visions come to life.  They are often doing it on a budget or over many years.  Averil's home may not be complete yet, but the progress she has made is too wonderful not to share! 

In her own words she describes her style:

I suppose I would describe my style as a pretty even mix of British Colonial (I love dark woods, rattan, campaign furniture, chinoiserie, linen and cotton fabric, etc.) and Hollywood Regency (bold colors, geometric patterns, lucite, crystal, fantastic mirrors, and lacquered furniture are some of my favorite design elements). I know these styles are pretty disparate, but I think there are common elements (like chinoiserie, for example) that can make them work and I like how in combination they tone each other down. After all, I want the more casual elegance of British Colonial without screaming tropical and I want the glamour of Hollywood Regency without it feeling too trendy or too tacky.

Here is her living room so far.  

What a beautiful fireplace!

I love this monochromatic combination of the trellis with the blue Chiang Mai!

Here is her inspiration board for the room. How fun to see it come to life and how great is that wallpaper going to look in her powder room. Here is her inspiration board for it: 

It's going to be so beautiful when it's finished!

I love this credenza makeover.  So cool.

I am so totally in love with this little bathroom makeover. 

She made that lovely pelmet box. 

She added custom touches to this J.C. Penny stool.  

Some awesome sea fan art in her little nook.  

I will be checking her blog often to get updates on her new home.   Her goal for her home is to "have it be warm, inviting, elegant and gracious but still casual enough that you aren't afraid to kick off her shoes and put your feet up".  She also has great design ideas, mood boards and product ideas on her blog. 


  1. i don't know whjy i'm up and looking at blogs at 3 am, but i'm glad i'm the first to see this! i love it, and love the way she defines her style. the lamps are great, as is the rug and chair detail. i love the cabinet makeover, too. i've seen this blog before but haven't been back lately--obviously a mistake!

    thanks for sharing--love this!

  2. I found this blog a while back and it's a favorite. Thanks for sharing her pictures.

  3. so pretty!!! I love all the graphic prints. thanks for sharing!

  4. I have been loving Averill's blog since I started blogging a few months ago...she has a really good eye!!!

  5. what a fun space. i love the theme of blue she has running throughout the house, and i am so wanting a pair of those trellis stools from jc penny. i almost bought them a few weeks ago...

  6. What a beautiful home! I love the colors of the blue/gray and the geometric rugs and fabrics she has!

  7. Kirsten - thank you SO much for featuring my home! You've really made me realize that I have made a lot of progress (I'm often too hard on myself) and it was such fun to see it through your eyes.

    Also sorry I didn't get around to sending you a few more pictures, but the last two days got away from any case, I hope we can do another update in a few months!

  8. I love Averill. Her home is beautiful and she is just a sweetheart.

    Love all her shades of blue in the living room. I would feel right at home in her space.

  9. Her home looks amazing! Cant wait to see what she does next.

  10. I love what she has done so far...especially with the bathroom. The paint complements everything and the stool is just too cute! :)))

    Jen Ramos

  11. I love the grey chevron rug in the bathroom. Like maybe I need that rug.

  12. I love that Averill's home feels like the Averill we meet through her blog and her writing. This is terrific - and I can only imagine how great it will look once complete! Marija

  13. This house is so great. I absolutely love it. But I must know, where is the runner from? I am so in love with it.


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